Michel Dalonneau: 30 years of international experience

 - studies: France (ESCP Europe), Japan and Russia

 - expatriation: Japan, Singapore

 - 5 languages spoken with a professional level: French, Russian, English, Japanese, Spanish

 - intercultural approach: publication at the end of 2012 of Bien communiquer avec vos interlocuteurs japonais (How to communicate efficiently with your Japanese interlocutors), edited by Afnor Editions.


15 years of operational experience in the international direction of famous French brands well established globally

- international business directions (visited close to 100 countries, in the five continents), international marketing directions

 - contacts with all kinds of partners (retailers, subsidiaries,…)


15 years of experience in accompanying companies

 - international market surveys, preparation of exporters' prospecting trips

 - strategic reflection about brands, brand assessment

 - negotiation of international commercial agreements

 - training (international marketing, international brand development, intercultural subjects,…)


Missions for companies in all fields of activity

 - from luxury and fashion to heavy industry, from service to consumer goods